Thot Patrol Vehicle Wrap Kit- Universal

Thot Patrol Vehicle Wrap Kit- Universal

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This is a complete Thot Patrol livery kit for vehicles not included in our vehicle-specific wrap series. Includes all lettering, graphics, and rear door stripe. Tailgate lettering is reflective Oralite material, all other lettering & vinyl is conventional Oracal/3M. Installation instructions will be included. Professional installation is recommended.

Please ensure that your vehicle will be able to fit the following size decals:

40" long x 4" tall "Thot Patrol" lettering on rear fender/bedside

26" wide green & gray "racing stripe" on rear door (may extend to rear fender if necessary)

24" long x 5" tall TBP lettering on front door

10" diameter seal on front door

40" long x 4" tall "Thot Patrol" lettering on rear of vehicle (trunk, tailgate, or rear bumper)- this may be split into two sections in order to accommodate license plates, badges, etc.

8" tall x 38" wide unit number on roof

Please specify your desired unit number (1 letter, 5 numbers) and sector code (3 letters) in notes at checkout- if you do not include them, we will assign them for you.

Does not include any lighting or siren equipment.