Thot Patrol Vehicle Wrap Kit- Universal

Thot Patrol Vehicle Wrap Kit- Universal

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This is a complete Thot Patrol livery kit for vehicles not included in our vehicle-specific wrap series. Includes all lettering, graphics, and rear door stripe. Tailgate lettering is reflective Oralite material, all other lettering & vinyl is conventional Oracal/3M. Installation instructions will be included. Professional installation is recommended.

Please ensure that your vehicle will be able to fit the following size decals:

40" long x 4" tall "Thot Patrol" lettering on rear fender/bedside

26" wide green & gray "racing stripe" on rear door (may extend to rear fender if necessary)

24" long x 5" tall TBP lettering on front door

10" diameter seal on front door

40" long x 4" tall "Thot Patrol" lettering on rear of vehicle (trunk, tailgate, or rear bumper)- this may be split into two sections in order to accommodate license plates, badges, etc.

8" tall x 38" wide unit number on roof

Please specify your desired unit number (1 letter, 5 numbers) and sector code (3 letters) in notes at checkout- if you do not include them, we will assign them for you.

Does not include any lighting or siren equipment.

These wrap kits are custom made to order. Returns are not accepted.