Thot Patrol Vehicle Wrap Kit- Ghost Graphics- White

Thot Patrol Vehicle Wrap Kit- Ghost Graphics- White

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This is a Thot Patrol "Ghost Graphics" kit in white. These kits are custom made for your vehicle, so please specify its make, model, and model year in the "notes" section at checkout.

Ghost graphics are designed to be applied to a vehicle of the same color as the graphics. Accordingly, we recommend this kit for white or silver vehicles. These graphics will be only slightly visible during the day, but will reflect streetlights, headlights and other artificial light sources to become highly visible at night.

There are multiple ordering options for these kits. Please read each option carefully.

Special Ops Kit- Includes ONLY two DHI seals for the front doors and three unit numbers, one for each front fender and one for the rear hatch or tailgate.

Semi-Marked Kit- Includes all Thot Patrol lettering, seals and lettering for front doors, all unit numbers EXCEPT ROOFTOP NUMBER, and rear sector code. DOES NOT INCLUDE REAR DOOR STRIPES.

Fully Marked Kit- Includes everything found in our standard Thot Patrol wrap kits, including all lettering, graphics, unit numbers, sector code, and stripes.

We have included some example images of each option in the photos section of this page. Note that these are for illustrative purposes only, and all of the graphics sold in these kits will be reflective black, not green or blue.

Installation instructions will be included. Professional installation is highly recommended.

Please specify your desired unit number (1 letter, 5 numbers) and sector code (3 letters) in notes at checkout- if you do not include them, we will assign them for you.

Does not include any lighting or siren equipment.

These wrap kits are custom made to order. Returns are not accepted.